About Us
Welcome to Intimately Smooth! Allow us to introduce ourselves. We are Tennessee's only mobile waxing service.

"What is mobile waxing?" you ask. Well, we don't work on cars! Let us explain. Have you seen how popular waxing salons have become in the last few years? It's a fantastic concept. No appointment needed, walk in and have your bikini line waxed by a trained professional. Eyebrows, arm pits, legs, you name it! Waxing is superior to shaving by far. No more razor burn, ingrown hairs, cuts, scars, or annoying stubble two hours later. You get softer, healthier skin, with less hair growing back each time. Americans are realizing the benefits of a good body wax. But wait! Shouldn't such a personal service be more…well...personal? Are we sacrificing consistency and quality for convenience? Karen and Monica, the Intimately Smooth team, think we deserve it all. We think people have come to accept a quick, cheap, impersonal service as "just how waxing is done." We disagree. This is not the way it should be. We know that WE deserve more than just a "quick and dirty" wax. We think you deserve more too. Our unique concept brings this service directly to you, in your home. No more baring your body to the next available employee in a strange and impersonal space. Once you've met our team, you can look forward to the same two smiling faces at your door for your next appointment. This will ensure that you have the level of comfort and quality that you deserve while also having the opportunity to form a relationship with us. As we get to know you we will take note of your unique needs so that we can tailor your service specifically for you. To us, you are not just the next person in line.

When we look good, we feel good. Intimately smooth is here to provide you with a luxurious, personal waxing experience in your comfort zone. We welcome anyone wishing to rid themselves of unwanted body hair, men, women, first timers, some timers, and all the timers! Welcome to waxing the way it should be!

Check out our FAQ's, browse our price list, find us on Facebook, and give us a call! Join the Intimately Smooth revolution, and "get smooth in the intimacy of your own home!"